WSU Chemicals

Special Blends and Commodities

Getting the correct chemical for the correct solution is critical to success.

Special WSU Blends

WSU makes it own NSF Blended phosphates with its propietrary recipes. WSUs own EPA registered algicide, Mainstream 635, has been a proven reducer of algae and disinfection by products. For our farms, WSU FD-40 is an EPA registered disinfectant. WSU Oracle is terrific reducer of organics and biofilm in distribution systems and is manufactured in a WSU controlled atmosphere

WSU Commodities

All basics for Water and Waste Water Treatment. Sodium hypochlorite, sodium fluoride, sodium bisulfite, chlorine, sulfur dioxide, hydrofluorosilicic acid, ammonium sulfate, ferric chloride, aluminum sulfate, and many more. WSU brings in bulk and can repackage in the drums, totes, and mini-bulk for your needs.

WSU Mini-Bulk

Make your facility safer and easier for your employees with WSU Mini-bulk. Eliminates drums and provide less chance to be in contact with hazardous chemicals. WSU trucks will come and fill bulk tanks from 50 to 2500 + gallons