Wastewater Treatment

Industrial and Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Are you looking for reliable and effective wastewater treatment chemicals? Water Solutions Unlimited can provide the perfect solution for all municipal and industrial wastewater needs.

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Our Wastewater Solutions

We provide solutions to any wastewater treatment issue that may arise.

Phosphorus Removal

Water Solutions Unlimited can help phosphorous in waste treatment. Facilities over 1 MGD and/or discharge in an affected stream and having to meet stringent requirements from the EPA. There are many types of products to test to get the best program in place. WSU will do on site testing to determine the optimum application that will keep costs, sludge build-up, and phosphorus levels all as low as possible.

Disinfection and Dechlorination

Water Solutions Unlimited provides liquid and gas chlorine solutions for disinfection. We also provide liquid, gas, and dry solutions for dechlorination.

Fats, Oil, & Grease

Tired of have to send In a VAC truck to remove the fats, oils, and grease from your lift stations? WSU can help with natural bugs and enzymes to keep your lift stations running smoothly.

Odor Control

Hydrogen Sulfide gas produces a rotten egg smell coming from lift stations, and is dangerous to breathe. WSU H2S Control can stop these smells and prevent the gas from overcoming nearby residents and public service workers who maintain the lift stations.

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We offer a wide range of wastewater treatment products to help you keep your water clean, safe, and healthy.

Wastewater Treatment Services

At Water Solutions Unlimited, we not only provide wastewater chemicals, but also service your wastewater treatment system.


Chemical Wastewater Treatment

We offer various chemical wastewater treatment options to ensure your wastewater meets the highest standards of quality.


Wastewater Testing

We provide comprehensive wastewater testing services to detect any issues that may arise.


Equipment and Technology for Wastewater Treatment

We provide our customers with the highest quality equipment and technology to ensure the best results for their wastewater treatment needs. 

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Experts in Wastewater Treatment Chemicals

Water Solutions Unlimited offers custom-designed wastewater treatment systems that are tailored to fit the needs of each individual facility.

We specialize in customizing systems to fit any company’s requirements such as metal removal, odor control, sludge digestion, chemical treatment, pH adjustment and more.

Our experienced team of professionals is dedicated to helping you reduce emissions from wastewater discharges while complying with local regulations. We offer a wide range of services including system design, installation and testing to help ensure that your facility meets all environmental standards.

At Water Solutions Unlimited we strive to provide our customers with efficient systems at competitive prices. Our engineers use advanced technologies and state-of-the-art equipment to provide high-quality solutions that are reliable, cost-effective and energy efficient. Additionally, we use only premium materials to ensure our systems last long into the future.

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Experts in Water Treatment Chemicals

At Water Solutions Unlimited, we understand the importance of clean and safe water.

That's why we offer a wide range of customized water treatment solutions for various industries, including municipal, commercial, and industrial. Our services include water testing, treatment system design and installation, maintenance, and repair.

We are committed to customer satisfaction and are always ready to provide personalized advice and recommendations for your unique situation. Our goal is to ensure that your water quality meets the highest standards, and we take pride in being your go-to provider for all your water treatment needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our water treatment services and how we can help you achieve clean and safe water.