You have the Water; WSU will add the Chemicals, Advice, and Expertise

Drinking Water, Waste Water, Agriculture, Pool Chemicals, & Chemical Feed Equipment

WSU technicians will do onsite testing and evaluations to optimize water quality. Our goal is to help every city, town, or village meet EPA and community standards.

Drinking Water, Waste Water, Agriculture, Pool Chemicals, and Chemical Feed Equipment

Drinking Water

Meet EPA guidelines while saving money on chemicals and simplifying handling of chemicals.

Waste Water

High phosphorous levels, fats, oils, & grease in lift stations, hydrogen sulfide odors, and disinfection are some of the areas that WSU is trained to resolve.


Specially blended chemicals and commodity chemicals are both handled by WSU. Blended phosphates for lead and copper corrosion, coagulants, sodium hypochlorite, aluminum sulfate, or sodium hydroxide, WSU has them all.


Big pools or small, WSU has the chlorine tablets, alkalinity booster, algae remover, or anything else you may need to make your pool the favorite place to hangout.


Better Water = Healthier Animals, WSU programs keep water lines and feed nipples clean so the pure water can flow. Bio-Security is helped with the addition of FD-40 - the special farm disinfectant for all needs on a farm.


Chemical feed pumps, gas chlorination regulators, scales, tanks, and containment. Let WSU technicians get the right piece of equipment for your application.