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We provide solutions to any water treatment issue that may arise.

Corrosive Water

Flint, MI water caused headlines throughout the USA bringing attention to lead corrosion in water distribution systems. Water Solutions Unlimited has solved this issue all over the Midwest. Lead Corrosion, Copper Corrosion, and Steel corrosion all cause unique challenges to distribution systems that need special analysis from experts.

WSU brings its onsite technicians and monitoring tools to implement the best solution. WSU provides corrosion coupon racks and often uses the Instant MPY monitoring system. The Instant MPY gives ongoing mils per year loss readings at minute by minute intervals. Assess your correct blended phosphate and feed rate with a Corrosion Coupon Rack Study

Discolored Water

WSU will conduct an onsite visit to evaluate the reason for the discolored water. WSU Water Quality Specialists will test the raw water wells, the treatment plant, and investigate distribution issues to discover the core issue..The two primary issues are

  • Insoluble iron and manganese
  • Corrosion of distribution pipes
  • Each issue takes a specialized approach to choose the correct blended phosphate

Organic / Biofilm Build-Up

Organics and Biofilm thrive in any aqeuos environment. They cause problems with Disinfection By Products, poor water quality, longer, more frequent flushing, and dirty water.

WSU will help provide a plan to remove and clean up distribution lines, which will help keep Disinfection By Products under control, improve flushing and water quality. WSU ORA-CLE is a specialized product designed to to clean up your system in a controlled manner to help every system meet EPA guidelines

High Disinfection Byproducts (DBPS)

High Disinfection Byproducts are now a significant issue in treating municipal water. They are commonly referred as TTHMs and HAAs. The primary cause of them is the interaction between chlorine and organics.

Water Solutions Unlimited has treatment programs that help lower the organic load and chlorine feed in a system. This will lead to lower Disinfection By Products. Ask us about our Enhanced Carbon Slurry that has dropped TTHMs and HAAs by over 50%.

Ammonia in Wells

High Ammonia in wells is often overlooked and can cause serious issues with water quality. The high ammonia can lead to high chlorine feed rates. This makes it difficult to achieve “Breakpoint Chlorination” to overcome the ammonia. Operators may get false readings on their daily tests.

A common problem is for the “Phantom” Free residual to show up when there is an excess ammonia in the wells. The high chlorine feed may lead to lead corrosion, steel corrosion, or copper corrosion. This may lead to dirty water complaints, equipment failure and pinhole copper leaks.

Poor Chlorine Residuals

There is always a demand in the water for chlorine. As chlorine is “used” by iron, calcium, manganese, nitrates, ammonia, or organics (such as iron bacteria) it becomes weak and no longer disinfects.

Water Solutions Unlimited can help determine the root cause of the demand on the chlorine.

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