Carbons, like granular activated carbon, refer to a type of carbon material that has been processed into granular form with a high surface area. It is produced from various carbonaceous materials, such as coal, coconut shells, or wood, through a process called activation. Carbons are known for their adsorption properties, meaning it has the ability to attract and retain a wide range of contaminants from air or water. Due to its large surface area and porous structure, granular activated carbon can effectively remove impurities, odors, chemicals, and organic compounds through a physical adsorption process. It is widely used in applications such as water treatment, air purification, gas masks, and in various industrial processes where the removal of contaminants is crucial. Carbons are a versatile and efficient adsorbent, making it an important tool for improving the quality of air and water in numerous settings. Here are carbons’ general characteristics:

  • Particle Size: Various sizes available, from fine powders to larger granules.
  • Surface Area: High surface area due to porous structure, facilitating adsorption.
  • Adsorption Capacity: Significant capacity for adsorbing various contaminants.
  • Porosity: Presence of interconnected pores and channels enhancing adsorption efficiency.
  • Material Composition: Derived from carbonaceous materials like coal, coconut shells, or wood.
  • Bulk Density: Specific mass per unit volume, influenced by particle size and packing.
  • Moisture Content: Varies based on manufacturing process and storage conditions.
  • pH: Generally neutral or slightly acidic.

Carbons’ Uses for Water Treatment

Granular activated carbon, a version of carbons, plays a vital role in water treatment by effectively removing organic contaminants, such as VOCs and pesticides, as well as chlorine, disinfection byproducts, taste, and odor compounds. It helps reduce heavy metals, including lead and mercury, and is effective in treating groundwater contaminated with organic compounds. Carbons also remove micropollutants like pharmaceuticals and serves as a pre-treatment method for other processes, ensuring safe drinking water. Regular maintenance and replacement of granular activated carbons media are essential for its sustained effectiveness in water treatment applications. Order carbons from Water Solutions Unlimited.

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