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We deliver dependable chemical products and exceptional customer service to meet the needs of municipal, industrial, and agricultural chemical solutions.

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With three convenient manufacturing locations in Camby, IN, East Peoria, IL & Jackson, MI, we stand above our counterparts with delivery trucks manned by experienced personnel for added flexibility & timely product arrival – no matter where you are!

Water Solutions has been putting people first since 1987. Our forward-thinking attitude towards innovation ensures that customers can always rely on us for industry-leading quality results.

We have nearly every chemical for your industry from municipal water chemicals to industrial wastewater treatment.

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Our own fleet of trucks and personnel mean you get your order at the drop of a hat – even quick enough for emergency situations!

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For over 35 years, Water Solutions Unlimited has been providing high-quality chemical solutions tailored to customers’ exact needs.

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With decades of experience in the water treatment chemical industry, Water Solutions Unlimited is your source for expert advice.

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From drinking water treatment chemicals to industrial wastewater treatments – no matter your industry or community size, WSU supplies it all!


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Experts in Water Treatment Chemicals

At Water Solutions Unlimited, we understand the importance of clean and safe water.

That's why we offer a wide range of customized water treatment solutions for various industries, including municipal, commercial, and industrial. Our services include water testing, treatment system design and installation, maintenance, and repair.

We are committed to customer satisfaction and are always ready to provide personalized advice and recommendations for your unique situation. Our goal is to ensure that your water quality meets the highest standards, and we take pride in being your go-to provider for all your water treatment needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our water treatment services and how we can help you achieve clean and safe water.

History of WSU

Water Solutions Unlimited has been supplying chemicals for water for over 35 years

WSU Opened

Nick Stanley Founded WSU in 1987
Nick Stanley returned to his beloved home state of Indiana after finishing his MBA and service in the US Air Force, determined to bring a new kind of customer experience with him. Drawing on lessons he had learned while working down south, Nick opened WSU in 1987 – starting out from humble beginnings inside a garage!
January 01, 2021
12 AM

The Early Years

WSU Expands Beyond Indianapolis
With an unwavering commitment to exceptional attention towards its customers' needs, it did not take long for WSU's reputation as problem solvers when dealing with corrosion and high iron issues spread far beyond Indianapolis; giving rise their signature product line 'Blended Phosphates'.
January 01, 2021
12 AM

The Middle Years

WSU Expands Chemical Product Line
WSU rose to meet the challenge and become a go-to for many tough issues in water treatment. From low chlorine levels, high disinfection byproducts, ammonia buildup and more - their specialty chemicals have helped countless organizations effectively tackle biofilm blockage, organics build up as well as algae removal.
January 01, 2021
12 AM

The Early Years

WSU Becomes a Full Service Chemical Supplier
WSU has truly become the chemical supplier to beat. Founded on a core value of research and customer service, they have now expanded their selection to nearly any chemical requested by its customers! This full-service provider is still maintaining that high quality assistance that put them on top - proving true what they promise in their name: Unlimited!
January 01, 2021
12 AM

Founding Water Solutions Unlimited

How Did We Get Our Name?

On a fateful plane ride from Indianapolis to Texas in 1987, Water Solutions Unlimited was born.

Its namesake encompassed two representations – an infinite array of “solutions” for managing water treatment issues and “unlimited” potential treatments available for use by municipal operators specifically targeting chemistry complications.

Despite never intending to become an engineering company, we saw a need for better solutions and service in the market. We made it our mission to work with municipalities and engineers at plants and distribution systems across the country, always returning afterwards to ensure that our product was working efficiently.

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From drinking water treatment chemicals to industrial wastewater treatments – no matter your industry or community size, WSU supplies it all!

Why Use Water Solutions Unlimited?

Reliable Bulk Water Chemical Supplier Based in the Midwest

When it comes to choosing a bulk water chemical supplier, choose Water Solutions Unlimited for quality products, timely delivery, and outstanding customer service.

Serving Customers for Over 35 Years


Get the very best in water chemical solutions, tailored to your needs and backed by over 35 years of industry experience.

We stay ahead of the curve with our knowledge and expertise so we can always offer exceptional support for each unique customer need.

Plus, throughout these decades WSU has earned long-standing relationships thanks to our unwavering commitment to provide reliable water chemical products with outstanding service –customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do!

Fast Delivery Nationwide


Water Solutions Unlimited understands the importance of fast delivery services.

That is why we offer swift nationwide deliveries to ensure that our customers receive their orders when they need them most, even during emergency situations.

Our own fleet of trucks and attentive personnel enable flexibility for time-sensitive solutions with multiple manufacturing locations strategically placed in the Midwest region so order fulfillment can be quick and efficient - reducing downtime for our valued customers.