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We offer a wide range of high-quality agricultural chemicals to help farmers maximize their crop yields and protect their crops from pests and diseases.

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We provide solutions to any agricultural treatment issue that may arise.

Mainstream 635

Do you have algae in your pond? Mainstream 635 is an EPA & NSF Registered Algicide designed to kill algae in ponds, stream, rivers, and reservoirs. Its low pH allows for more of the active product to be used for killing algae.

FD-40 (Farm Disinfectant)

The FD in FD-40 stands for Farm Disinfectant. This product was designed specifically for the needs of farms. Do you need to disinfect service trucks coming in and out of your farm, disinfectant cages, or workers boots as they come in and out of a facility? This product is for you.


WSU ORA-Cle will remove the biofilm and nasty build-ups in your waterlines. WSU ORA-Cle will work with your current disinfectant and will keep water nozzles from plugging and improve water flow. WSU ORA-Cle is NSF Certified so it is safe to use in potable water.

Acids to Control PH

Low pH water for poultry drinking water is considered a must-have by many leading experts. WSU provides organic and inorganic acids to help drive down the pH of the water to your desired level. Needs on each farm vary, but WSU can help get your pH to your desired range.

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We offer a wide range of agricultural chemical products to help you keep your farm clean, safe, and healthy.

Agricultural Treatment Services

At Water Solutions Unlimited, we not only provide agricultural chemicals, but also service your agricultural treatment system.


Agricultural Chemical Treatment

We offer various agricultural chemical treatment options to ensure your facility meets the highest standards of quality.


Agricultural Chemical Testing

We provide comprehensive agricultural testing services to detect any issues that may arise.


Agricultural Treatment Equipment

We provide our customers with the highest quality equipment and technology for your agricultural facility. 

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Experts in Agricultural Treatment Chemicals

Water Solutions Unlimited offers agriculture chemicals that are tailored to fit the needs of each individual facility.

At Water Solutions Unlimited, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality agricultural chemicals available. Our products are rigorously tested to ensure their effectiveness, and we continuously strive to improve our formulations to meet the ever-changing needs of the agricultural industry.

Our agriculture chemical product line includes industry-leading products such as FD-40, Oracle, Mainstream 635, and acids to control PH. These products are specially formulated to meet the unique needs of farmers, and are designed to deliver optimal performance and efficiency.

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Experts in Water Treatment Chemicals

At Water Solutions Unlimited, we understand the importance of clean and safe water.

That's why we offer a wide range of customized water treatment solutions for various industries, including municipal, commercial, and industrial. Our services include water testing, treatment system design and installation, maintenance, and repair.

We are committed to customer satisfaction and are always ready to provide personalized advice and recommendations for your unique situation. Our goal is to ensure that your water quality meets the highest standards, and we take pride in being your go-to provider for all your water treatment needs.

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