Chemfeed Pumps

WSU is a distributor for many chemical feed pumps. WSU Represents Stenner, LMI, Blue-White, Pulsatron and many others. Let WSU help you figure out the best pump for you based on your flow, feed rates, head pressure, and other consideration.


WSU represents scales to help you determine the how many lbs of chemical your system needs to feed to meet quality and EPA guidelines. WSU works closely with Adam Scales, ForceFlow Scales and Scaletron.


NSF Certified Bulk Storage tanks are needed to hold chemicals in water treatment facilities. WSU can help you decide on the correct size from 10 gallon “Day Tanks” up to 6000 Bulk Storage Tanks. WSU Mini-Bulk program allows customers to move from handling drums to a safe economical method of feeding chemicals.

Gas Chlorination Regulators

Maintenance and replacing gas chlorination equipment can truly be a “Life Saver”. WSU works with many types of gas chlorination equipment and can do basic yearly maintenance checks all the way to full system replacements.