Organics and Biofilm

Organic / Biofilm Build-Up

Organics and Biofilm thrive in any aqeuos environment. They cause problems with Disinfection By Products, poor water quality, longer, more frequent flushing, and dirty water. WSU will help provide a plan to remove and clean up distribution lines, which will help keep Disinfection By Products under control, improve flushing and water quality. WSU ORA-CLE is a specialized product designed to to clean up your system in a controlled manner to help every system meet EPA guidelines


Ammonia in Wells

High Ammonia in wells is often overlooked and can cause serious issues with water quality. The high ammonia can lead to high chlorine feed rates.  This  makes it difficult to achieve “Breakpoint Chlorination” to overcome the ammonia.  Operators may  get false readings on their daily tests. A common problem is for the “Phantom” Free residual to show up when there is an excess ammonia in the wells. The high chlorine feed may lead to lead corrosion, steel corrosion, or copper corrosion. This may lead to dirty water complaints, equipment failure and pinhole copper leaks.