The Early Years

Nick focused WSU on the service and customer attention he learned while working down in Texas after he finishing his service and completing his MBA in the US Air Force. Nick grew up in Indiana and wanted to get back home. Blended Phosphates drove the company for many years and developed a reputation as the problem solver for corrosion and high iron issues​.

The Middle Years

WSU became known as a true Specialty Chemical company and problem solver for issues such as low chlorine residuals, high disinfection by products, high ammonia, biofilm, organics, and algae removal​.


WSU has matured into a company that has kept its core values of research and assistance, but has grown the number of chemicals it can supply. WSU is now a full service chemical supplier and provides nearly any chemical used by customers. WSU kept the customer service and technical help that built the company while truly growing into its last name of “Unlimited”.

Laboratory worker